Resources For Students

As a student at UBC, it is your right to opt out of the use of animals in your education if you so choose. There are many reasons why you might choose to opt out of using animals as part of your UBC education; for example, you might feel that using animals is unnecessary or unethical, the use of animals might make you uncomfortable, or you might hold certain religious views that would require that you don’t use animals.

In the past, when students have opted out, many instructors simply required that students watch someone else perform a dissection. Not only does this not solve the problem of exposing yourself to this form of animal use, it does little to enhance your learning.

If you do want to opt out, you are encouraged to speak to your lab instructor. However, it is always useful to provide a solution rather than simply creating a perceived problem for your instructor. They work hard to put a course syllabus together and it is often hard work for them to make allowances for individuals. This website has been created so that you can more easily research non-animal alternatives for yourself, and then bring these alternatives to your instructor to see whether they are willing to use them.

PDF links:

  1. Where do animals used in your courses come from?
  2. Why non-animal alternatives?
  3. Starting a conversation with your instructor about non-animal alternatives