Resources for Instructors

Have you ever been approached by a student who wants to opt out of using animals in their lab course, but didn’t know how to provide for them? Do you feel like you want to engage your students in an ethical conversation about animal use in their education but don’t know where to start? We have created this resource to support your hard work.

Replacing animals in teaching is one of the internationally accepted tenets of the Three Rs Principles that guides the ethical use of animals. We have researched some relevant non-animal alternatives for teaching so that you are not burdened with having to research this information yourself, on top of your already full workload.

All students at UBC have the right to opt out of using animals in their education if they so choose. At present, the courses that involve the use of animals are optional, but the animal use within those courses, typically, is not. This may be deterring creative and passionate students from pursuing certain studies and professions, when they could have a considerable contribution to the field if their learning objectives were achieved without animal use.

PDF links:

  1. Starting an ethical conversation with your students
  2. Why non-animal alternatives?
  3. Three Rs information, and how to reduce if you can’t replace