IIVS and Colgate-Palmolive team up to provide training on non-animal methods in Brazil

IIVS, supported by a grant from Colgate-Palmolive, held a training course this month in Goiania, Brazil focused on two in vitro methods with international regulatory acceptance status. The course, Alternative Methods for Evaluation of Toxicity, was attended by over 30 participants from industry and government who participated in both lectures and hands-on exercises. The training course was organized as a satellite workshop to the Congress of Brazilian Toxicology, CBTox, in Goias, Brazil.

In recent years, Brazil has been putting greater emphasis on non-animal test methods for the regulation of products – especially cosmetics. ANVISA, the Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency, which is responsible for the registration of products, currently recognizes the use of a number of alternative methods. In 2014 CONCEA, a multi-institutional council responsible for controlling and monitoring the implementation of alternative methods in Brazil, officially adopted 17 alternative test methods with international regulatory acceptance, and established a five-year term for their implementation.

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