Australia’s Proposed Cosmetics Animal-Testing Ban ‘Falls Short’

Loopholes in Australia’s Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017 make it ineffective at limiting new animal testing of cosmetic ingredients, the NGOs Humane Society International (HSI) and Humane Research Australia (HRA) have said in a joint consultation on the bill.

The bill only bans use of the data for ingredients whose end use is “solely in cosmetics” but not for “multi end use” substances. A blanket exemption for chemicals also used for other purposes is out-of-step with international best practice, according to HSI/HRA, and will lead to companies conducting the testing as a cheaper and easier option.

If the law is not amended, say the NGOs, it will clash with other regulatory regimes which ban animal testing on cosmetic ingredients irrespective of other end uses, such as EU law, which bans the data “for the purposes of placing [cosmetics products] on the EU market”.


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