AiSPI ED contributes to new book on animal ethics in animal research

Last month, Cambridge University Press published a new book called “Animal Ethics in Animal Research”, authored and edited by Helena Röcklinsberg, Mickey Gjerris and Anna Olsson. AiSPI ED, Elisabeth Ormandy contributed to the book by providing an overview of the governance system for the use of animals in science in North America (together with colleague Cathy Schuppli).

The book aims to consider and discuss ethical issues relevant to professional in different roles within animal-based science, e.g. technicians, students, ethics committees, veterinarians, teachers, and policy makers. The book has a clear goal: to help the reader see the ethical values embedded in discussions about animal-based science, and the complexity and inter-relatedness of many of the issues that arise when considering the use of animals used for scientific purposes. The main hope from the editors is that this book will encourage and enable animal researchers and animal technicians to both enter, and facilitate, ethical discussions about the use of animals in science. Of course, here at AiSPI our hope is that such ethical discussions will serve to highlight the ethical obligation researchers have to replace and reduce the use of animals in research, testing and teaching wherever possible.

If you would like to borrow our copy of the book, it is available to loan from AiSPI for a small donation. Please connect with us at

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