At AiSPI we are grateful for our committed volunteer team, who step up and dedicate their valuable time and talents to make sure that things run smoothly for us.

Meet our amazing volunteers!


IMG_3907 copyDominique de Vries, Jessica Applebaum and Sophia Wagner

Dominique is our chief communications volunteer. She keeps things up to date on our website and social media channels, and is always researching the latest news to share with the world. To learn more about Dominique you can check out an interview we did with her in 2016.

Dominique was recently joined by Jessica Applebaum and Sophia Wagner. Together they form an amazing communications volunteer team!


IMG_5554Betsy Robertson, Nevene Hammoud and Bailey Eagan

Betsy, Nevene and Bailey are part of our growing events team. Here are Ana (former event volunteer, before she went on to an MSc in the UK) and Betsy at BC Science World at a Teen Tuesdays event, where they engaged with high school students and teachers about the merits of non-animal alternatives to dissection, and provided demonstrations of some of the cool virtual dissection tools that AiSPI has to offer.

Blog Writer

Naina Otiv is our volunteer blog writer and will be researching different topics to publish blog content – all related to replacing the use of animals in science!