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When monkeys lose a friend they grieve for hours

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Dogs and Cats in New York labs will soon have a chance at being adopted

A bill has been created in New York State allowing for dogs…
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USDA publishes 2015 U.S. Animal Research Statistics

USDA has just released their annual animal research statistics.…

Is the end in sight for the use of shelter dogs in experiments in the US?

The legal strictures in some states on the use of stray or shelter…

Featured Project

Non-animal alternatives in teaching at UBC

Dr. Dubois (Board President) and Dr. Ormandy (Executive Director) have been teaching UBC undergraduate students in the Applied Animal Biology program for several years. During this time they have heard concerns from students about the use of animals in UBC undergraduate classes. Together, they conceptualized a project on the use of animals in undergraduate teaching at UBC to better understand how and why animals are used, and to be able to offer non-animal alternatives to those students with concerns.

The project resulted in the development of a web-based resource that can be accessed here, as well as by going to our Completed Projects page. We also have a final BC SPCA project report that you are welcome to download and print.

This project was funded by the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA) and the British Columba Foundation for Non-Animal Research (BCFNAR).